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Long live pension freedoms!

Pension Freedoms has really reinvigorated the way that we think about drawing our pensions. However one of the lesser known advantages of the freedoms introduced in 2015 is the ability to pass down pension pots to children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. This brings with it some interesting prospects for intergenerational planning and greater tax […]

Changes to the SIPP Trust Deed

If you are a Directus SIPP or Qualitas SIPP client the Trust Deed will be changing. With effect from Monday 30th April Clause 11.6 shall be amended to remove reference to the financial adviser as follows: 11.6 The Administrator shall appoint or remove a Platform Service Provider selected by the Administrator in its absolute discretion. […]

Spotlight on Peer to Peer lending (P2P)

What is P2P lending? P2P lending platforms match up savers, who are willing to lend, with borrowers – either individuals or small businesses. By cutting out the middleman and not having the overheads of traditional banks, P2P platforms can often offer more favourable rates, to both the lender and the borrower. Investment is made through […]

Inside Morgan Lloyd – Lee Carwithen

Lee has 16 years’ experience in the pension industry, with 14 of these years working with the SSAS and SIPP products. I have worked within in all aspects of the SIPP and SSAS environment, from the calculation of retirement benefits to property acquisition and Pension-led funding. I love the investment opportunities that are available under […]

A welcome (tax!) relief from the Chancellor

In his first Budget since the Government’s significantly reduced majority, it was a startling fact that Phillip Hammond barely uttered the word ‘pension’ at all! As suspected, the Government’s Brexit focus meant less of an emphasis on the pension policy areas that are usually subject to Government meddling, but it came a surprise that the […]

When will the Chancellor cut your pension allowance?

We reported in our previous briefing that Philip Hammond confirmed that the Money Purchase Annual Allowance was reducing from £10,000pa to £4,000pa from 6 April 2017. However on 25 April 2017, the Government announced that some clauses in the Finance Bill 2017 would be dropped to allow time for the Bill to come into force […]

When did US civil war soldier’s widow die? The answer will astound you

When did the last surviving widow of someone who fought in the US Civil War die? Remember that this conflict finished in 1865 with Abraham Lincoln victorious over the Southern US States. The answer didn’t surprise me, it astounded me, and it perfectly illustrates one of the problems facing today’s pension schemes…..longevity. The answer – […]

Triple lock survives the new Parliamentary double act

It seems extraordinary that despite the Conservatives securing their biggest share of the vote since Margaret Thatcher’s landslide in 1983, and nearly 5% more than David Cameron just 2 years ago, it has resulted in a weakened and minority Government. There is no doubt that the European Union is top of Westminster’s priority list, but […]

Loans – a Sassy feature!

A unique feature of Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) is that they are able to make loans to their sponsoring companies. These are called authorised employer loans.   The loan can be used for any business purpose of the sponsoring company including the purchase of new stock, funding expansion of the business, or paying off more […]

Inside Morgan Lloyd – Amy Pinchen, Pension Administrator

I’ve worked for Morgan Lloyd now for nearly three years, initially starting a support administrator and progressing to a pensions administrator. Before working for Morgan Lloyd I was in an administrative role but in the building and maintenance environment, so this is something totally different. I really enjoy the different aspects of the role as […]

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