Lockdown latest

As this goes to press it looks like Boris Johnson’s lockdown roadmap remains on track. That means a change from ‘you must work from home’ to ‘work from home where you can’.

A welcome thumbs up to get back in the office? Or a dreaded return to traffic and commuting? Despite the rise of Teams and Zoom, for many, the office environment allows essential human interaction, allows us to bounce ideas off each other, discuss spontaneous issues that unexpectedly arise and generally enjoy others’ company. And of course, discuss the weekend’s football results and Line of Duty.

For others, a return to the humdrum of the daily routine with its shirts, ties and diesel fumes may not be so welcome.

At Morgan Lloyd we will certainly be continuing to build on the advantages that home working has shown us. For example, we have changed our recruitment policy and extended our reach nationally to seek the best candidates to join our expanding team. Indeed, our new Compliance Manager, Kenny Henderson, joined us at the turn of the year from Glasgow, a scenario we would not have dreamed of just 12 months ago (and not because he comes from Glasgow but because he lives in Glasgow!).

And this new accepted working culture will bring benefits to workers and employers alike. Encouraging a working pattern of some days in the office and some days in the home will undoubtedly continue to promote new found efficiencies in both the professional and private life.

For many, I suspect a partial physical return to the office will strike the perfect equilibrium and it is hoped that out of these miserable 15 months or so we can see a real positive change to our work/life balance as a result. Even if it does mean finding out who H is before watching the final episode!

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