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Triple lock survives the new Parliamentary double act

It seems extraordinary that despite the Conservatives securing their biggest share of the vote since Margaret Thatcher’s landslide in 1983, and nearly 5% more than David Cameron just 2 years ago, it has resulted in a weakened and minority Government. There is no doubt that the European Union is top of Westminster’s priority list, but […]

Loans – a Sassy feature!

A unique feature of Small Self-Administered Scheme (SSAS) is that they are able to make loans to their sponsoring companies. These are called authorised employer loans.   The loan can be used for any business purpose of the sponsoring company including the purchase of new stock, funding expansion of the business, or paying off more […]

Inside Morgan Lloyd – Amy Pinchen, Pension Administrator

I’ve worked for Morgan Lloyd now for nearly three years, initially starting a support administrator and progressing to a pensions administrator. Before working for Morgan Lloyd I was in an administrative role but in the building and maintenance environment, so this is something totally different. I really enjoy the different aspects of the role as […]

Pension simplification?

It is now almost 11 years since the landmark changes to pensions in 2006. The principle underlying these changes was to simplify pensions so they would become both more appealing and more accessible to the generation of under-savers. Simplification was born and became the new buzzword in pensions. The concept was applauded by experts and […]

Chancellor leaves pensions alone

Another sigh of relief as Philip Hammond avoids the urge to tinker with pensions once again.  Two Budgets down and barely any interference from the Treasury. Although this is more likely because of more pressing concerns rather than a policy of intentional laissez-faire.  Nevertheless, this is most definitely a welcome period of calm. The one […]

Inside Morgan Lloyd – Sian Carwithen, Senior Administrator

I started my career at Morgan Lloyd in October 2008 as a Support Administrator, building on my previous experience of working with pensions in the annuity department at Hargreaves Lansdown.  Since starting with Morgan Lloyd I have continued to move through the ranks from Support Administrator to Administrator and now Senior Administrator, spending a large […]

Did you know?

The biggest UK pension pot recorded in 2010 was worth £21.1m and paid out £1.3m annually! This belonged to Jeroen van der Veer, former chief executive of Royal Dutch Shell from 2004 to 2009. Women are expected to live nearly 3 more years than men, with an average life expectancy after 65 being 24.3 years, while men […]

Inside Morgan Lloyd – Luke Walker, Team Leader

I started my career in self-invested pensions almost 15 years ago at AXA which was the leading SSAS provider. Having held various administrative roles within the SSAS department I helped launch the AXA Family SIPP in 2009 before moving to Morgan Lloyd in the same year as a Senior SSAS Administrator. As Team Leader, I’m […]

Putting the Oomph into AMPS

Not many people would have heard of the Association of Member Directed Pension Schemes and with a mouthful like that, it’s no wonder it’s been abbreviated to (the more electrifying!) AMPS. AMPS has over 200 member firms representing all parts of the industry: SIPP providers, SSAS practitioners, pension lawyers, software developers, banks and investment houses. […]

Lifetime ISA under attack

It is refreshing to see former MPs and particularly former Government Ministers released from the reins of collective responsibility and be able to talk freely. And so it was with Steve Webb, the former (and longest ever serving) Pensions Minster who was at the Conference and eager to share his views about the Lifetime ISA. […]

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